ICI Brasserie Bela Cintra

Hospitality and Entertainment

The light fills the space yet remains invisible leaving the architecture and its shapes in the foreground”.



Architectural Designer

Roya Arquitetura Fornecedores

Lighting Designer

Illumination Strategic Design Group


R. Bela Cintra, 2203 - Consolação, São Paulo - SP, 01415-002, Brasile

ICI Brasserie is an informal restaurant in the Jardins di San Paolo quarter of the city that captures visitors’ attention with its unusual façade made up of beer kegs stacked on a wooden structure that resembles shelving. Leaving metal containers on display, protected from the outside by glass panels reflects the functional spirit with which Rodolfo Yamamoto conceived the interior design. In close collaboration with the architect right from the start the lighting design studio “Strategic Design” developed a lighting project that is completely integrated into the architectural context.

"The light fills the space yet remains invisible leaving the architecture and its shapes in the foreground” declares Rodrigo Jardim, lighting designer at Strategic Design. Jardim underlines for example how the curvilinear volume of the red kegs in the façade is accentuated by the light by using low power LED fixtures on the shelves.

Entering the restaurant the customers find themselves in front of the bar, a space that evokes the concept of the façade by being separated from the dining room by a partition consisting of shelves and barrels that are also lit with LED lamps; in this case linear fixtures are integrated into the shelves. The dining room is decorated along the perimeter with wooden shelving that provides space for drinks and other products that are used on a daily basis in the restaurant. A technical channel equipped with 3000K linear fixtures runs along the top of the entire shelving producing a diffused light that is reflected on the ceiling and lights the entire space. This type of solution even enhances the blackboards positioned adjacent to the ceiling that show works of art by the graphic designer Lu Maia. "Indirect is pleasant, the perimeter light accentuates the entire room", added Fabiana Rodriguez, lighting designer at Strategic Design the author of the project.

In the dining room general light is supplied by Targetti CCTLED Architectural fixtures with spot optics recessed into the false ceiling. Fabiana explains that one of the challenges of this project was to create a welcoming light that could project both light and shade on the tables; this is why the fixtures were fitted with blade of light filters to ovalise the beams and lengthen the projection of shade. At the back of the restaurant is the kitchen that can be seen from the dining room through a glass ribbon window with a long wooden counter underneath it. “In the kitchen and along the counter we used a warmer colour temperature that did not conflict with the light in the dining room", adds Jardim.

Except for the industrial style light fixtures on the walls, all the other fixtures used for the ICI Brasserie are hidden and dimmable, making it possible to have different light settings during the day and at night. During the day the intensity of the light increases and the environment takes on a livelier character.  At night the intensity softens making the space more welcoming and cosy. "The light is not inhibiting.  On the contrary it reflects the simple, informal spirit that a brasserie should have", concluded Jardim.

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