Salone dei Cinquecento

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Targetti lights the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio: a custom made installation for Florence.




Ivan Rossi


Piazza della Signoria, 1, 50122 Firenze FI, Italia

To return its original splendour and enhance the historical, architectural and artistic characteristics of the “heart” of political and cultural life of the city of Florence: this is the objective behind the new project to light the Salone dei Cinquecento by Targetti Sankey S.p.A in collaboration with SILFI Spa, sponsored by Confindustria Firenze under the careful and constant guidance of the Fabbrica di Palazzo Vecchio.

The new lighting system is capable of satisfying the various requirements of a multifunctional space and  ensure a good perception of space and is in complete harmony with the architecture and works of art on display. The 144 LED light fixtures, specially designed for this project by Targetti, are an example of custom made solutions that combine design with technologically advanced solutions that are the result of the know-how the Company is famous for.

To light the frescoes on the walls and the Vasari ceiling special free standing luminaires were developed; sophisticated fixtures fitted with LED projectors capable of meeting the specific needs of the Salone, as well as integrating discreetly into the environment to leave space for light alone. Using a combination of high colour rendering (RA>90) LED lamps with different colour temperatures of 2700K and 4000K, the colours and the architecture of the Salone are enhanced to reveal fascinating details: the colour tones in the paintings and the Vasari ceiling return to centre stage while maintaining their perception both during the day and in the evening.

In addition fixtures with floor washer optics were inserted into the base of the free standing luminaires to become step-markers that can create atmospheric lighting scenarios that can meet regulatory requirements in specific situations.

To light the sculptures Targetti created linear LED fixtures that are designed to be integrated discreetly into the pedestals to produce a particularly dramatic grazing light; this adds to the light reflected by the Vasari ceiling that softens the contrasts and contributes to harmonising the figures.

Finally projectors from the CORO range with a custom finish equipped with special optical accessories (zoom e cut-off) were installed on the ceiling cornice to light the blackboard and the speakers’ table and lectern, as well as the statues on the audience side and the stage.

The total energy consumption of the system at full power is only around 9 KW, less than half the consumption of the previous one.

The wireless control system makes it possible to manage the different lighting settings in the best way according to the specific requirements in the Salone: different scenes can be created and the light intensity can be adjusted depending on the desired effect. The light can be regulated even in terms of colour temperature in order to balance and enhance the different elements in the  Salone.

This innovative, flexible, modular system really makes it possible to feel the spirit of the space and see the splendour of the frescoes at the heart of Florence under a new “light”.

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