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Targetti Sankey Lighting. Visit Daiichi Sankyo section!




Studio Unispace, Salvatore Marinaro


Ramy Leon Lorenco


Rome, Italy

The DAIICHI SANKYO Group, world leader in the pharmaceutical sector with headquarters in Tokyo but with Europe as its third largest market with branches in twelve European countries including Italy.

The new offices inaugurated in Rome is the result of a project designed by the architect Salvatore Marinaro from the Firm UNISPACE which uses Targetti lighting solutions to highlight the perfect combination of design and functionality envisaged by the designers. The offices are organised as a large open space where the different functional areas, workstations, relaxation zones and meeting rooms, wind along a curvilinear and sinuous path. Light fixtures were selected to give each area their own personality while creating continuity between the different environments.

To light the workstations where controlled light is a fundamental requirement to avoid glare stand-alone LOGICO fixtures with UGR optical systems were chosen. The artificial lighting in this area integrates with natural light from the large windows to ensure a constant level of lighting during the different times of the day. The stand-alone LOGICO version is a linear fixture with a wide range of configurations that allows for great flexibility of use: a technical solution that is decorative at the same time. Given the versatility and minimal design recessed LOGICO versions with a flange were also used in passage ways and the work lounge to create a bright path connecting the different areas. 

Along the central corridors CCTLED TUBE installed on tracks were used: fixtures with an essential design capable of integrating perfectly with visible structures.

In the “brainstorming” areas THREESIXTY with direct and indirect emission were used. The circular fixtures with clean lines integrate harmoniously with the linear systems used in the adjacent relaxation and business areas. For one of the main meeting rooms THREESIXTY semi-recessed fixtures with HALO effect were chosen that make it possible to play with light and create a frame of light.

For accent lighting of the Daiichi Sankyo logo located in the reception area RAY MICRO compact projectors with an essential design were used.

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Targetti Sankey Lighting. Visit Daiichi Sankyo section!
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Targetti Sankey Lighting. Visit Daiichi Sankyo section!
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Targetti Sankey Lighting. Visit Daiichi Sankyo section!
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