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Cristina Motilla


Toledo - Spain

The Museum of the Army in Toledo is housed in two buildings one the historical Alcazar and a new building which are linked together by archaeological remains that were unearthed during extension work. The need to optimise the use of the exhibition space and the perception of the works on display, as well as having a highly reliable lighting system with low operating costs were the basis for the project that led to the creation of a new lighting system for the interior of the Museum.

The high colour rendering LED fixtures supplied by Targetti that ensure high visual comfort and high-quality lighting are ideal to enhance and conserve the works on display: every fixture was chosen according to the specific needs of different environments.

In the hall that is home to the model of the Alcázar the need to light and emphasise both the container and the contents directed the design choice of using the PROFILE PLUS system, which ensures indirect general lighting that can be adjusted according to different exhibition needs to which direct and accent lighting is added with the use of projectors from the LEDO’ range installed on tracks. Selected given the high colour rendering of the light sources - Ra97 – and the possibility to choose from a wide range of optics, fixtures from the LEDO’ range make it possible to adapt the light beam of every projector to the size of the works on display and the installation height. The integrated dimmer system also makes it possible to control the luminance of every single fixture.

For the large glass cases that house reconstructions of military parades the aim of the lighting project was to obtain uniform lighting without shadows to enhance the details of every element on display. In this case recessed projectors from the CLOUD range were chosen. The results obtained are impressive given the plasticity and dynamism that enliven the figures in the parade that seem almost to come to life.

To light the archaeological remains of the ancient walls of the Alcazar RAY projectors were chosen. Using these fixtures in the dimmable version makes it possible to manage luminance levels extremely well and create light scenes to emphasize the texture of the walls.

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Targetti Sankey Lighting. Visit The Museum of the Army - Toledo section!
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Targetti Sankey Lighting. Visit The Museum of the Army - Toledo section!
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Targetti Sankey Lighting. Visit The Museum of the Army - Toledo section!
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