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Projectors Coro Targetti


A range of cornice, capital and shelf projectors particularly suitable for installation in prestigious architectural environments where it is necessary to light the space without interfering with the architecture in any way.
Professional adjustable LED projector for wall or cornice installation.
Professional adjustable LED projector for wall or cornice installation.
Projectors Eurostandard Targetti


230V universal track, compatible with all of the projectors of the Targetti collection and all projectors which conform to the European standards. Two versions, standard and recessed, in three different lengths. A double mounting system for both ceiling-mounting and suspension, with joints of various geometries and configurations allowing for an infinite number of combinations. Available in three different finishes: black, white and aluminium.
Electrified track in extruded aluminium, epoxy powder paint finished.
Projectors Eurostandard Plus Targetti

Eurostandard Plus

EUROSTANDARD PLUS are 6 circuit electric tracks that incorporate all the functions of the various types of tracks on the market today in just one product. This ensures the possibility to upgrade to intelligent lighting systems even after initial installation and is also the best technology on the market for controllable lighting systems.
Eurostandard Plus track.
Projectors Foho Targetti


Halogen and LED solutions for Targetti projectors that have always been a professional icon of projected light. There is an important update for the LED version that combines high emission with extreme flexibility.
Projector for halogen and halogen dichroic lamps.
Professional adjustable LED projector.
Projectors Ledò Targetti


A high quality solution designed for museum lighting. The precise modelling of the light beam, the high colour quality of the light and the excellent colour rendering with utmost respect for the materials being lit, make this an effective and reliable fixture.
Professional adjustable tunable LED projector.
Professional adjustable LED projector.
Projectors Otto Targetti


A new range of projectors with a minimal footprint, available with different installation types and characterised by manual focus.
Adjustable LED projector mounted on a base with an optical beam adjustment system.
Adjustable LED display projector with an optical beam adjustment system.
Projectors Pur Targetti


The defined lines, sharp edges, the pure forms that distinguish PUR are the result of careful study of the expressive potential of plastic material. The result is a projector with a distinctive design and highly efficient precise light emission.
Professional projector fitted with LED sources.
Projectors RAY Targetti


Distinguished for its essential design, the RAY projector is clearly intended for retail projects. Clean profiles, absolute matt colors, totally tool free, LED sources, with power output up to 55W and differentiated optics.
Professional adjustable LED projector.
Professional adjustable LED projector.
Adjustable professional LED projector.
Projectors Slash Targetti


A versatile projector ideal for the Retail market is available in three different colours, with two different power supplies and four different beam angles. A simple yet recognisable range, a unique element with an integrated driver to minimise overall dimensions.
Professional adjustable LED projector.
Projectors Store Targetti


A range of fixtures with a compact and essential shape that are designed to meet particular needs in the Retail market. Available in both projector and recessed versions with different optical variations and sizes to meet all project needs with the same product.
Professional projector for LED sources.
Professional projector for LED sources.
Projectors Volta Targetti


VOLTA is a professional LED projector for wall or cornice installation. Its mounting system, finishes and optical systems make it particularly suitable for lighting historical environments of particular artistic value.
Professional adjustable LED projector for wall or cornice installation.
Projectors Zeno Targetti


Designed around the LED lamp it has 6 different optical systems for different lighting effects, 2 different sizes, 2 types of installation, 2 finishes and 2 different power supplies for each size.
Professional LED projector.
Professional LED projector.
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