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Outdoor Chiodino Targetti


From the world of Targetti’s attentive research comes CHIODINO, the new, LED technology bollard. Ideal for public use, thanks to its resistant sturdy construction, the bollard’s appealing, seductive design makes it a popular private option too.
Radial-emission LED bollard.
Outdoor Dart Targetti


Professional adjustable Led projector. Small e Medium sized models, with a “compact and essential” design that may be integrated in any architectural environment: from the illumination of large surfaces to detailed accent lighting.
Adjustable professional projector for LED sources.
Adjustable professional projector for LED sources.
Outdoor Eden Targetti


Also available in a LED version, EDEN is a direct radial light fixture. Its aluminium optical head and its transparent polycarbonate antivandal diffuser make it strong and impact resistant.
Direct radial light fixture for LEDs.
Direct radial light fixture formetal halide lamps.
Direct radial light fixture for compact fluorescent lamps.
Outdoor e-Filo Targetti


A recessed wall fixture with a compact design for outdoor installations ideal for lighting stairs, balconies, outdoor public and private areas and any place that requires light capable of enhancing the quality of the surface materials and accentuating the perception of pathways.
Recessed wall mounted fixture with asymmetric emission equipped with high efficiency LED array.
Outdoor e-Forum Targetti


Wall recessed fixture combining simple design and precision performance. The special asymmetric reflector ensures uniform illumination of walkways. An elegant screen-printed frame emphasises the extra-clear safety glass, enhancing the design.
Wall recessed asymmetric fixture for halogen and compact fluorescent lamps.
Outdoor Febo Targetti


Light as a second skin. FEBO blends seamlessly with architectural surfaces, enhancing materials and textures. FEBO is a grazing light effect fixture for ground or wall installation, perfect for lighting vertical and horizontal surfaces.
Inground or wall recessed fixture with grazing lighting effect for metal halide lamps.
Inground or wall LED recessed fixture with grazing lighting effect.
Outdoor Hockey Targetti


HOCKEY’s compact size and minimal aesthetics make it one of the smallest LED fixtures on the market for diffuse outdoor lighting. Its reduced diameter makes it ideal for illuminating public paths and walkways as well as private residential projects.
LED fixture for wall installation.
LED fixture for ceiling installation.
Outdoor Icare Targetti


Professional recessed projectors for a grazing light effect to illuminate and highlight exteriors and other vertical surfaces. All fixtures of this highly versatile range can be installed virtually anywhere. ICARE is compatible with metal halide and fluorescent lamps, offering an extensive range of highly efficient optical systems.
Inground professional projector for compact fluorescent lamps.
Inground professional adjustable projector for metal halide lamps.
Inground professional asymmetrical projector for discharge lamps.
Outdoor Jedi Targetti


The coordinated range of recessed or invisible linear fixtures for lighting building facades. JEDI’s flexibility is ensured by the three available lengths as well as the combination of the various optical systems and installation possibilities.
Powerful adjustable linear LED projector.
Powerful recessed linear LED projector.
Outdoor Keplero Targetti


KEPLERO is the new generation in-ground LED light fixture for outdoor lighting. A complete range in two different sizes equipped with a wide variety of optical systems and LED sources with different lumen packages for ultimate versatility and performance.
Professional inground recessed adjustable LED projector.
Professional inground recessed adjustable LED projector.
Compact inground adjustable projector equipped with LED sources.
Compact inground adjustable projector equipped with LED sources.
Compact inground adjustable projector equipped with LED sources.
Professional inground wall washer projector fitted with LED sources.
Outdoor Led Belt Targetti

Led Belt

LED luminous strips, supplied in 5 mt. reels for indoor and outdoor use and distinguished for their high luminous efficacy, the dimmable option, zero maintenance and zero UV emissions; available in warm white (2800K and 3000K) up to 77W and in the 50W RGB version.
LED light strip.
Outdoor Led.y Targetti


Versatility and excellent performances in a small space: these are the main features of LED.Y, available in the recessed and projector versions. The recessed version or the projector version are ideal for walkways, footpaths or for spectacular light effects in a triumph of colour.
Recessed projector for monochromatic LED.
Recessed projector for high intensity monochromatic LED.
Recessed projector for multichip full-color RGB LED.
Adjustable on bracket projector for monochromatic LED.
Adjustable on bracket projector for multichip full-colour RGB LED.
Outdoor Lineos Targetti


LINEOS is an adjustable on bracket linear fixture for continuous lines of light installation. The small size of the fixture section reduces its whole dimensions, allowing it to be used even in very complex installations.
Adjustable on bracket linear projector for T16 fluorescent lamps.
Outdoor Matroneo Targetti


The unique optical technology of Matroneo consents the management of direct and indirect illumination of large spaces. The emission control guarantees incredibly uniform effects, perfect for lighting porticoes, loggias and double volumes.
LED fixture for wall installation for direct/indirect emission.
Outdoor Mercure Targetti


One unit, three sizes for many applications. MERCURE is the largest luminaire in the range and is perfect for highlighting a key area. MINIMERCURE is perfect for creating a subtle line of light while MICROMERCURE, the smallest of the range is perfect for highlighting paths and walkways.
Inground linear fixture for linear fluorescent lamps and LED.
Inground linear fixture for white LED sources.
Inground linear fixture for monochromatic LEDs.
Inground linear fixture for RGB multi-chip full color LEDs.
Outdoor Nano Pyros Targetti

Nano Pyros

Characterised by a compact design and high-precision optics, NANO PYROS is a versatile and discrete projector. Its very small size makes it the ideal solution for ‘difficult’ architectural contexts where utmost discretion is required, without sacrificing lighting quality and performance.
Professional projector for metal halide lamps.
Professional projector for halogen lamps.
Professional projector for monochromatic LEDs.
Professional projector for multichip high intensity RGB LED.
Outdoor Neptune Targetti


Professional underwater fixtures available in both recessed and projector versions. Made entirely from steel in two different sizes, both equipped with LED or halogen light sources, NEPTUNE is particularly suitable for lighting basins or fountains.
Inground submersible projector for halogen with reflector lamps.
Inground submersible projector for white LED.
Inground submersible adjustable projector for RGB LED.
Adjustable on bracket inground submersible projector for halogen lamps.
Adjustable on bracket submersible projector for white LED.
Adjustable on bracket submersible projector for RGB LED
Outdoor Phenix Targetti


Professional recessed adjustable fixture offering a wide range of configurations. With over one hundred different configurations to choose from, designers can combine the projector bodies and decorative rings to suit needs.
Inground projector for PAR halogen, metal halide and compact fluorescent lamps.
Inground adjustable projector for halogen and metal halide lamps with reflector.
Outdoor Pico Pyros Targetti

Pico Pyros

Extremely compact dimensions and a linear design make PICO PYROS an impressive design tool able to integrate discreetly and with the minimum impact in any architectural context, even the most minimal one. A special nut enables the optic body to rotate on the driver box which also acts as mounting bracket.
Compact projector for high intensity LED.
Outdoor Pyros Targetti


PYROS is the perfect choice for every architectural context. It is ideal for illuminating façades, trees, green spaces - anywhere precision must be combined with excellent performance.
Professional projector for discharge lamps.
Professional LED projector.
Professional projector for CTC LED.
Outdoor Q-bo IP67 Targetti

Q-bo IP67

Available in two versions – bi-emission (direct/indirect) and pluriemission – Q-BO is a wall or ceiling mounted fixture for grazing light effect. Thanks to Q-BO optic accessories it is possible to create scenographic lighting effects on the surface.
Wall and ceiling mounted fixture for metal halide lamps for grazing light effect.
Wall and ceiling mounted fixture for Leds for grazing light effect.
Outdoor Stilo Targetti


The same design for a range of products that covers very different professional segments. From architectural lighting of building facades and porticos to lighting pedestrian paths. Different needs and different effects united in harmonious uniformity across the range.
Wall-mounted LED fixture.
Wall-mounted LED fixture.
Direct emission LED bollard.
Asymmetric emission LED bollard.
Ceiling-mounted LED fixture.
Outdoor Stilo Lof Targetti

Stilo Lof

STILO is characterized by a one-piece extrusion of heritage brown or ferrite painted aluminium to fit perfectly in historical and prestigious environments. STILO Wall is ideal for facades or porticoes. STILO Bollard is ideal for illuminating horizontal or vertical surfaces with extraordinary uniformity.
Wall-mounted LED fixture.
Asymmetric emission LED bollard.
Outdoor Titano Targetti


The grazing light effect produced by TITANO can be projected in a number of different ways. A 106° horizontal aperture allows the light to be projected in one or two directions and a 62° horizontal aperture allows the light to be projected in several directions to produce a glare-free effect.
Semi-recessed grazing light effect fixture for compact fluorescent lamps.
Semi-recessed grazing light effect fixture for white LEDs.
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