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Projectors (Outdoor)

Projectors (Outdoor) Dart Targetti


Professional adjustable Led projector. Small e Medium sized models, with a “compact and essential” design that may be integrated in any architectural environment: from the illumination of large surfaces to detailed accent lighting.
Adjustable professional projector for LED sources.
Adjustable professional projector for LED sources.
Projectors (Outdoor) Led.y Targetti


Versatility and excellent performances in a small space: these are the main features of LED.Y, available in the recessed and projector versions. The recessed version or the projector version are ideal for walkways, footpaths or for spectacular light effects in a triumph of colour.
Adjustable on bracket projector for monochromatic LED.
Adjustable on bracket projector for multichip full-colour RGB LED.
Projectors (Outdoor) Nano Pyros Targetti

Nano Pyros

Characterised by a compact design and high-precision optics, NANO PYROS is a versatile and discrete projector. Its very small size makes it the ideal solution for ‘difficult’ architectural contexts where utmost discretion is required, without sacrificing lighting quality and performance.
Professional projector for metal halide lamps.
Professional projector for halogen lamps.
Professional projector for monochromatic LEDs.
Professional projector for multichip high intensity RGB LED.
Projectors (Outdoor) Neptune Targetti


Professional underwater fixtures available in both recessed and projector versions. Made entirely from steel in two different sizes, both equipped with LED or halogen light sources, NEPTUNE is particularly suitable for lighting basins or fountains.
Adjustable on bracket inground submersible projector for halogen lamps.
Adjustable on bracket submersible projector for white LED.
Adjustable on bracket submersible projector for RGB LED
Projectors (Outdoor) Pico Pyros Targetti

Pico Pyros

Extremely compact dimensions and a linear design make PICO PYROS an impressive design tool able to integrate discreetly and with the minimum impact in any architectural context, even the most minimal one. A special nut enables the optic body to rotate on the driver box which also acts as mounting bracket.
Compact projector for high intensity LED.
Projectors (Outdoor) Pyros Targetti


PYROS is the perfect choice for every architectural context. It is ideal for illuminating façades, trees, green spaces - anywhere precision must be combined with excellent performance.
Professional projector for discharge lamps.
Professional LED projector.
Professional projector for CTC LED.
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