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Wall Mounted (outdoor)

Wall Mounted (outdoor) e-Filo Targetti


A recessed wall fixture with a compact design for outdoor installations ideal for lighting stairs, balconies, outdoor public and private areas and any place that requires light capable of enhancing the quality of the surface materials and accentuating the perception of pathways.
Recessed wall mounted fixture with asymmetric emission equipped with high efficiency LED array.
Wall Mounted (outdoor) e-Forum Targetti


Wall recessed fixture combining simple design and precision performance. The special asymmetric reflector ensures uniform illumination of walkways. An elegant screen-printed frame emphasises the extra-clear safety glass, enhancing the design.
Wall recessed asymmetric fixture for halogen and compact fluorescent lamps.
Wall Mounted (outdoor) Hockey Targetti


HOCKEY’s compact size and minimal aesthetics make it one of the smallest LED fixtures on the market for diffuse outdoor lighting. Its reduced diameter makes it ideal for illuminating public paths and walkways as well as private residential projects.
LED fixture for wall installation.
LED fixture for ceiling installation.
Wall Mounted (outdoor) Matroneo Targetti


The unique optical technology of Matroneo consents the management of direct and indirect illumination of large spaces. The emission control guarantees incredibly uniform effects, perfect for lighting porticoes, loggias and double volumes.
LED fixture for wall installation for direct/indirect emission.
Wall Mounted (outdoor) Stilo Targetti


The same design for a range of products that covers very different professional segments. From architectural lighting of building facades and porticos to lighting pedestrian paths. Different needs and different effects united in harmonious uniformity across the range.
Wall-mounted LED fixture.
Wall-mounted LED fixture.
Wall Mounted (outdoor) Stilo Lof Targetti

Stilo Lof

STILO is characterized by a one-piece extrusion of heritage brown or ferrite painted aluminium to fit perfectly in historical and prestigious environments. STILO Wall is ideal for facades or porticoes. STILO Bollard is ideal for illuminating horizontal or vertical surfaces with extraordinary uniformity.
Wall-mounted LED fixture.
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