St. Elmo Bridge


Targetti illuminates St. Elmo Bridge in La Valletta, Malta




Main Contractor: Vassallo Builders Limited - Bridge Designer and Engineer: Arenas & Asociados - Local Architect and Civil Engineer: Bezzina & Cole

Light designer

Lighting Contractor: Calleja Ltd


St Elmo Bridge, Valletta, Malta


Targetti illuminates St. Elmo Bridge in La Valletta, Malta
The lighting of St. Elmo pedestrian bridge in La Valletta, Malta, is part of the large requalification project of the Grand Harbour that also included the reconstruction of the bridge, destroyed during the Second World War, as one of the most important interventions even from a symbolic point of view. St. Elmo Fort, which gives its name to the bridge, was the theatre of numerous battles, indeed, and represents for Maltese people an emblem of national identity. The structure of the present bridge, entirely built in Spain and then transported on site, weighs over 190 tons. 

Vassallo Builders and Bezzina & Cole Architects followed the development and coordination of the project, while the lighting design bears the signature of Anthony Magro for Calleja Ltd.The lighting primarily aims at guaranteeing the safety of passers-by during the evening and night hours and interests both the real footbridge and the staircases at its ends, with an average minimum illumination of 15lux. It is possible to turn lighting on or off every day either by hand or automatically by a photocell, or at otherwise programmed hours.The same applies to the architectural lighting, that is oriented to emphasize the structure and enhance its recognisability from the distance both in the normal days as a modern urban symbol of the Grand Harbour, both in occasion of the historical commemorations regularly organised to celebrate the resistance of Maltese people during the war against the Ottomans. 

For all these reasons Anthony Magro has chosen LINEOS, the adjustable linear projector with LED RGB technology by Targetti. Reliable, resistant to corrosion and extreme weather conditions, easy to be installed and with a marked versatility, thanks to the wide range of accessories, LINEOS has also the advantage of very small dimensions that minimize its aesthetic impact in the daytime. Each of 44 projectors forming the system is equipped with an integrated electronic power supply and a DMX interface for the dynamic control of lighting. The possible scenic effects are numerous and spectacular, and they are all based on colour and dynamism. They can be activated for short moments during the day or in occasion of special events. The result is a true play of light like the big show organized on July 24, 2012 for the official opening of the new bridge.

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Targetti illuminates St. Elmo Bridge in La Valletta, Malta
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Targetti illuminates St. Elmo Bridge in La Valletta, Malta
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Targetti illuminates St. Elmo Bridge in La Valletta, Malta
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