Lighting Management System

Introducing the new Targetti, Casambi Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based LMS home automation lighting control system. All you need to do is download a simple app on a mobile device to create and manage your wireless system.

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LMS is the Targetti wireless home automation system that can manage even the most complex lighting systems. Designed for the consumer and the professional market, LMS is the result of the combination of components from Casambi - a leading company producing wireless lighting control solutions - and Targetti light fixtures.

Thanks to the intuitive simplicity of the app developed by Casambi for iOS and Android, LMS ensures system operational readiness. You just need a phone or another mobile device and anyone can create and manage a lighting network singlehandedly by controlling every fixture individually or in groups depending on the needs and the functions required. Managing the system using a standard handset is also made possible with the use of specific accessories.

The ease of use and programming of the system makes it easy to manage without the use of special control units or assistance from specialised technicians. The application recognises and associates the Targetti fixtures that are installed in the space automatically by using the BLE (Casambi Bluetooth Low Energy) proprietary protocol to communicate with the various fixtures. No Internet connection is necessary except for synchronisation functions or remote access.

LMS allows the final user to generate adaptive and multipoint networks: “adaptive” because every fixture can work as a buffer for all the others, adapting automatically to various contexts to optimise control signal propagation; “multipoint” because you can connect up to 127 fixtures on each network without any limit on the number of networks. The result is strong, reliable and affordable networks that manage the system, the profiles of individual fixtures and access rights.

For optimum system operation we recommend you follow the sequence of steps given below.

  1. Choose Targetti fixtures by opting for the Targetti Casambi Ready package or Casambi accessory components.
  2. Install the fixtures without running more cables.
  3. Download the Casambi iOS or Android App depending on the device used.
  4. Activate the Bluetooth function on the device.
  5. Turn on the installed fixtures.
  6. Launch the App: the fixtures in operation will be detected automatically.
  7. Create one or two networks depending on the characteristics of the environment.
  8. Create groups of devices as needed.
  9. Program scenes and/or sequences.
  10. Set the level of network sharing by choosing one of the following possibilities:
    1. ​No network sharing
    2. Sharing with administrators only: access with an admin password
    3. Sharing with visitors: the password in this case does not permit network programming
    4. Open access without programming possibilities.

Synchronisation between the different fixtures is ensured by the Cloud function.

Here is a list of the various functions of the system that can vary depending on the characteristics of the product and the degree of complexity of the system.

  1. Create a network. 
  2. On/Off of the fixtures: touch the icon relating to the fixture once or twice. 
  3. Dimming: scroll to the right to increase the light intensity and to the left to reduce it. 
  4. Colour temperature control: scroll up or down for getting respectively warmer or colder colour temperatures. 
  5. Colour control: touch and hold the icon of the device to see the colour-options.
  6. Create groups. 
  7. Function Gallery: capture/upload a photo or a render of the space to manage the device directly on the image. 
  8. Configure lighting scenes. 
  9. Configure sequences (dynamic scenes or sequences of different scenes).
  10. Timer Function: set fade times between scenes and sequences and programme date and duration. 
  11. Geolocation: by activating this tool it is possible to programme on and off functions that can be automatically associated to sunrise and sunset irrespective of the period of the year (astronomical watch). 
  12. Cloud Function: makes it possible to share different devices and remote access to the network. In remote access a device acts as a gateway while the others are connected via the Cloud. 
  13. iBeacon technology (only for iOS): fixtures equipped with LMS modules are equipped to interact with iBeacon technology based retail or museum applications.

The Targetti LMS can control all fixtures in the collection through integrated components in the product or with external accessories. Added value comes from the wide range of custom and standard devices supplied that have been developed to respond to even the most particular design needs in a flexible way. 

  1. Targetti Casambi Ready: Casambi technology integrated into Targetti fixtures.
  2. Casambi Accessories: Targetti fixture + Casambi external accessories.
  3. My Casambi: Customer Service for custom solutions:
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