The T21 Collection


The T21 Collection takes shape, Avant-garde new lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor architecture.

CCTEvo Downlight

A range of recessed fixtures characterised by minimalist shapes, a depth of range, excellent performance and high efficiency. Available in five different sizes with a coordinated design and with different lumen packages, the CCTEvo Downlight range comes in a double version, trim (with a ring) or trimless, for complete integration into the architecture.
The IP54 protection rating makes CCTEvo Downlight suitable for installation in humid environments for aesthetic continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces. The optical systems available are suitable for installation in work environments UGR<19 (EN12464-1) L65<1000 cd/m².
Sizes ø160mm and ø105mm are also available with Tunable White technology.

CCTEvo Downlight 214
CCTEvo Downlight 160
CCTEvo Downlight 105
CCTEvo Downlight 78
CCTEvo Downlight 58

CCTEvo Wall Washer

A range of recessed fixtures for uniform lighting of large vertical surfaces. Equipped with an innovative wall washer optical system it provides very clean, wide and uniform beams with excellent light diffusion from very close to the floor.
Available in three different sizes (ø160mm, ø105mm and ø78mm), in a trim (with a ring) and a trimless version in two different finishes with a carefully studied design for maximum integration into the architecture.
The 160mm and 105mm diameter versions are available with Tunable White technology.

CCTEvo Wall Washer 160
CCTEvo Wall Washer 105
CCTEvo Wall Washer 78

CCTEvo Architectural

A range of recessed projectors in the CCTEvo range. Available in four different sizes with different lumen packages and four luminous emissions, CCTEvo Architectural comes in a double version, trim (with a ring) or trimless, for complete integration into the architecture.
It is fitted with a special VCR – Virtual Center Rotation – aiming system that makes it possible to adjust the projector up to 40° on the vertical plane and 358° on the horizontal plane with a mechanical blocking system. The Ø58 version allows the optical body to be adjusted on the vertical plane only (maximum 30 °).
It is also possible to choose from different colour combinations for wide design flexibility.

CCTEvo Architectural 160
CCTEvo Architectural 105
CCTEvo Architectural 78
CCTEvo Architectural 58

CCTEvo Extractable

A range of professional performance extractable recessed projectors with extensive flexibility. The projector can be set back completely for maximum formal simplicity or extracted up to 75° and adjusted up to -25°/+75° on the vertical plane and 355° on the horizontal one with a manual aiming system.
Available in two different sizes ø162mm and ø125mm, four colour temperatures, two optical systems and five different luminous emissions. A complete range of professional lighting solutions. 
Size ø125mm can be equipped with two different optical systems, with a reflector for softer beams and with lenses for more precise, defined beams.

CCTEvo Extractable 162
CCTEvo Extractable 125

CCTEvo Gimbal

The simplest product in the range, CCTEvo Gimbal is a recessed fixture in two different sizes - ø125mm and ø105mm - designed to meet the particular lighting needs of the retail sector. A real recessed projector with professional performance and minimal design that can be adjusted up to a +/-25°. It can be equipped with two different optical systems: with lenses for more precise, defined beams and with a reflector for softer and more uniform emissions.

CCTEvo Gimbal 125
CCTEvo Gimbal 105

OZ - DBS Module

In the single version, both fixed and adjustable, Oz is the first miniature light unit that can be equipped with the innovative DBS – Dynamic Beam Shaper - optic that makes it possible to digitally regulate beam openings. Not only is it possible to add, remove and move light modules along the powertrack but now it is also possible to define the photometric distribution as well as the luminous emission of individual light points with extreme simplicity. A prime example of flexibility.

OZ - DBS Module

OZ - Linear modules

The OZ range has been extended with new linear light modules. Available in two different sizes - L=569mm e L=869mm - they are equipped with optical systems composed of a high reflectance reflector and an opal polycarbonate screen for a soft, diffused effect.

OZ - Linear modules


A range of projectors for professional lighting ideal in particular for museum environments thanks to the quality of the LED sources, the avant-garde optical systems and installation flexibility. Ten different optical systems for different luminous effects, three installation types and three different sizes. Today the design of Zeno is even more discrete thanks to the retractable adapters that allow for perfect integration of the projector with the architecture.

Zeno Large
Zeno Medium
Zeno Small


Keplero Mini High Efficacy RGBW, the expression of versatility and performance. The Keplero Mini range now includes the High Efficacy RGBW versions that with very low power ensure extremely high performances. The RGBW LED sources of this compact inground fixtures allow dynamic color-changing illumination of landscape elements, ideal for lighting building facades and small trees.

KEPLERO Mini High Efficacy RGBW

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