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Targetti has been designing and producing indoor and outdoor architectural light fixtures since 1928. We work internationally with the aim of contributing to the quality of every project with our products.


Light gives shape to space and influences the perception of an environment. Our light fixtures are designed around this simple rule, being aware of the world around us.


Research does not only apply to technology. At Targetti it is the combination of the commitment, skills, investments as well as the creative nature that come together to develop fixtures that find the right balance between function and design.


We have always been based in Italy and every fixture starts its life here. It is the centre of our network of branches spread over major European and non-European markets: France, Spain, Great Britain, Russia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and China. Our team is present all over the world with their skills and know-how. Our group is composed of many different individuals who all share the same working method, the same culture and the same language: light.


Light is a silent language connecting people with space and objects around them. It is a universal code that needs no translation because it appeals directly to our emotional sphere. Lighting a work of art or a beautiful building infinitely multiplies the unique power that light has to communicate and inspire emotions.


Promoting the culture of light has always been one of the primary objectives at Targetti. A distinctive and qualifying element that comes from the awareness of the significant impact of light on our lives. It follows a multidisciplinary approach that does not limit itself to technique alone but also involves art, social sciences, personal wellbeing and emotions.


Designing a light fixture requires integrated knowledge of optics, thermodynamics, mechanics and electronics, as well as the necessary creativity and good taste to develop design solutions where every aesthetic detail helps to optimize the function.


Innovation is in our DNA, is the compass that shows us the way and the ultimate goal of our business choices. Innovation means experimentation without limits- with our minds open to every stimulus from the outside world and with a careful eye above all on ourselves and the creative talent and technical skills of our team.

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