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The quality of a fixture is provided in part by objectively measurable and immediately comparable values such as performance or the type of luminous effect, as well as the result of choosing technical solutions that ensure safety and reliability over time.

The mechanical solutions we use are able to ensure the characteristics of our products remain unchanged over time and to make installation easier, especially outdoors.

Waterblock solution for outodoor products
To limit the risk of compromising watertight integrity we have created the ACQUASTOP system. The system does not include the use of accessory elements it is rather a solution used in the production phase that by acting on the input power cable makes it possible to prevent water and humidity from reaching the inside of products.

When it comes to outdoor fixtures, above all inground ones a high IP rating is often not enough to provide a moisture barrier. In addition to the mechanical characteristics of fixtures external factors come into play like the state of the terrain or the installation method. If a connector is not well tightened or connections are not carried out to perfection humidity can reach the driver or the fixture through capillary action and irreversibly impair function.
To limit this risk we have designed an Waterblock system differentiated according to the type of product.

Waterblock Smart
This is a procedure applied during the assembly of products: the power cable is cut, unsheathed and re-welded and the ends are sealed using a special thermo-retractable adhesive sheath. The part of the cable fitted with the thermo-retractable sheath is then immersed into a special resin sleeve used for outdoor products. This type of treatment is carried out on all products in the outdoor collection.

Waterblock Plus
In addition to resin coating the cable, the Waterblock PLUS solution also involves completely resin coating the integrated driver. This prevents humidity from reaching the body of the fixture and impairing function.
Fixtures that use the Waterblock PLUS systems are KEPLERO, MR.BO and FEBO EVO.
Our treatments synonymous with quality
We develop solutions that allow our products, especially recessed ones, to last even when they are installed in unfavourable conditions.
High resistance to corrosion is an essential characteristic of outdoor professional fixtures. Close proximity to the sea or exposure to corrosive agents highly increases the corrosion of materials in a significant way.
All our die-cast fixtures are subjected to a series of treatments that improve resistance to corrosion.

Sample products are then tested using a “salt spray test” in a special chamber where salt spray is vapourised (5% NaCl) at a temperature of 35° C. This way the materials undergo the same (possible) changes they would if they were exposed to air for a long time. The test makes it possible to check the resistance of the materials to corrosion over time.
These treatments and tests allow us to be sure to provide quality and long-lasting products.
We wanted to increase the resistance of die-cast recessed fixtures to corrosion further to make them suitable for installation in “hostile” environments and up to 5 m from the sea. After anodising products undergo cataphoresis painting, one of the most ecological industrial painting systems. This treatment ensures elevated protection against chemical and environmental agents for a long time.

The procedure consists of emerging pieces which are connected to a negative pole with an electrical generator in a bath where some electrodes are connected to a positive pole. The electrical field and the electrochemical phenomena which result cause the deposition of at least μm25 of epoxy resin on the pieces which are then polymerised in an oven. Subsequently the treatment proceeds with finishing paint.

The product ranges that undergo Cataphoresis treatment are KEPLERO and MERCURE.
It is possible for other outdoor non-recessed products with die-cast components that need to be installed near to the sea to undergo cataphoresis treatment on request.
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