At Targetti we have never lost sight of the fact that our success is due to hard work, dedication, talent and passion. From our Company’s earliest days to today where we have over 300 associates worldwide, recognition of the value and significance of our associate’s contributions has been the foundation of our philosophy as a Company. We consider our culture to be among our innovations. Over decades our management has built Targetti’s culture into what it is today, a place for the exchange of ideas, collaboration and where client represents the main focus.

Today, that culture is the unifying force for our many business units around the world. Human Resources division works in partnership with executive management as a valued strategic partner towards the development of Targetti company. Our policies are set up to ensure that the talented and skilled people that join us have successful and diversified development opportunities along their career path, both nationally and internationally, where they can build both their skills and the know-how of our company.

As our Company grows and evolves, we remain dedicated to maintaining a dynamic and inclusive work environment. We value the individual talent that comprises this company and are committed to equal opportunities for each employee's advancement. We believe that people hold the key to achieving our business objectives and our overall success. People constitute our most important asset. We offer many exciting career opportunities and are always searching for the most talented people to join our team.

We conduct our business in accordance with values and principles that place value in our people’s successes, namely: trust and loyalty, mutual respect, learning culture, exciting and challenging environment. The Human Resources mission is to make sure these corporate values are reflected and promoted in HR practices across the Targetti, and that priority is given to providing leadership, expertise, and guidance in instilling them. We rely on each individual to preserve the enduring quality, integrity and excellence for which the Company is renowned.

Targetti is an compelling place to work. Ours is a high-performance culture that emphasizes high-integrity business practices as well as work/life balance. We manage by objectives and successes are rewarded accordingly; we regularly review performances and offer supportive training; we facilitate diversity in career paths; we empower our people to take initiatives.

In return, we expect our people to actively contribute to the company’s success and show commitment and loyalty to the company. We also aim to maintain an environment, which encourages people to actively contribute towards developing products and services, keeping us ahead of the competition.

Our objective is to ensure that talented and skilled resources have successful and diversified development opportunities along their career path, both nationally and internationally in a context of tough competition. Targetti aims to recruit the best potential worldwide, ranging from professionals to young graduates. Professionals bring knowledge and experience, whilst graduates develop their skills on the job with an eye to the future success of the company.

Positions available are operational, each with specific responsibilities and set objectives to be reached. Targetti places importance on performance management, aiming to develop all levels of competencies within the organization. We are committed to providing an environment where professional competencies are continuously developed; where trade skills are the finest in the industry and where professional development is considered a priority.
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Targetti Sankey S.r.l.
Single-member private limited liability company subject to management and control of 3F Filippi S.p.A.
Via Pratese, 164
50145 Firenze - Italy
Tel: +39 055 37911
Fax: +39 055 3791266
CCIAA Firenze
Share Capital: € 500.000,00
VAT N. (IT): 01537660480
R.E.A: FI-275656
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