Palazzo Merendoni
City: Bologna
Country: Italy
Photo: Ivan Rossi
Targetti solutions illuminate Palazzo Merendoni in the heart of Bologna

The first news relating to Palazzo Merendoni date back to 1207, but the present structure is the result of an eighteenth-century renovation inspired by Renaissance models. The Palace, nowadays home of the Regional Federation of Direct Farmers Emilia - Romagna, has recently undergone a conservative restoration which involved the frescoed vaults and decorative stuccoes of the interiors as well as the complete refurbishment of the technological systems.

The replacement of the old lighting fixtures with Targetti solutions played a strategic role in enhancing the architectural structure and the works of art, helping visitors and those who work there enjoying them.
Given the nature of the place, a historical and representative space and workplace at the same time, the new lighting system had to meet specific requirements: guaranteeing adequate levels of illumination and enhancing paintings, sculptures and architectural details, with discreet luminaires capable of integrating perfectly with the environment.

In the large rooms intended for offices and meeting rooms, general lighting is the result of the use of light elements placed at the base of the vaults that provide a comfortable, soft and diffused indirect light. LABEL 6 projectors of the Fortyeight system add depth and three-dimensionality to the vaults, emphasizing the details of the frescoes with a natural light effect. ZENO Applique projectors evenly wash the walls, providing comfortable, elegant and balanced lighting without light dispersion.

The spectacular monumental staircase that leads from the entrance to the upper floors is permeated by a cone of natural light coming from the wooden gallery ceiling that frames a magnificent eighteenth-century painting by Gaetano Gandolfi. On the hairpin bend of the staircase and at the head of the loggia are the statues created by Domenico Piò.
The purpose of the new lighting is to saturate with light the gallery space, where the soft and diffused effect of the LED Strip and ZENO Applique blend with the light accents of the CORO projectors that create depth for emphasizing the details of the painting.
JEDI Compact linear projectors, installed at the base of the large blind windows along the staircase, wash the walls, softening the shadows and highlighting the ornamental stuccos.

Perfectly integrated into the frames, VOLTA projectors highlight the architectural structure of the vaults.
The overall result is a luminous effect that accompanies the visitors' gaze and guides it towards the ceiling where the main pictorial work is revealed.
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