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Deepak Prem Architects, New Delhi, India


GOJIS Lifestyle Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India

Lighting Designer

Mrs. Anusha Muthusubramanian, Lighting Spaces - Lighting contractor: GOJIS Lifestyle Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India


Bangalore, Karnataka - India

Zoya, chain of luxury diamond boutiques from the House of Tata, recently opened a new flagship store in Bangalore, India. This boutique is not merely a jewelry store, but an exclusive gallery of fine art, where each exquisitely crafted piece deserves to be appreciated in its  shining beauty.
Located in the heart of the city this 3.300 square feet space features contemporary interiors elements like lavish, glass-blown chandeliers, plush chairs and strategically placed faceted mirrors with the aim of creating a luxury environment. 
Lighting plays an essential role in adding atmosphere to the space, helping the storytelling of the merchandise on display, and enhancing the beauty of each piece.
The target of the lighting design was to discretely integrate lighting fixtures to the general mood and to provide very high visual comfort and flexibility.
The three different type of displays in the store – counters, cases, and wall niches – required the right color temperature (3500K), light  emission and output, to prevent veiling reflections from the protection glasses.
OZ system, both in standard and custom version, was chosen to lit the displays due to its installation flexibility and the possibility to easily add/move/remove its different modules.
OZ modules in suspended and recessed linear profiles were used for the counter displays. For the wall niches OZ light modules provide side-wash combined with spot accent lighting.
The circular counter display at the center of the store, where diamonds are displayed, takes the theatrical stage of the gallery capturing the customers attention.
Suspended above it, custom made semi-circular profiles accommodate recessed OZ modules that make the diamonds “shine brighter” while offering a high visual comfort preventing any risk of glare.
The general lighting of the boutique is provided by CCT LED Mini Architectural downlights in the same color temperature (3500K).
Customization, glare control, careful combination of fixture design and meticulously weaving the light output were the means to accomplish the project.


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Targetti Sankey Lighting. Visit Titan - ZOYA Boutique section!
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Targetti Sankey Lighting. Visit Titan - ZOYA Boutique section!
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